Tension: The Energy of Innovation

Rediscover and liberate your creative genius

The challenge facing today’s business leaders is how to transform the tension between running the businesses of today and innovating to build the businesses of tomorrow. We live in a world of relentless and rapid change, which means organizations don’t have time to be fast followers. They must innovate in order to survive and thrive.

Dr. Chris Wasden’s Tension: The Energy of Innovation teaches business leaders how to ride the Innovation Lifecycle to harness tension and drive innovation. He relates riding the lifecycle to riding a bike: in order to have a successful ride, you must use the right bike for the terrain. The same goes for discovering brilliant ideas. Learn how to manage and excel during the Discovery phase, the Incubation phase, the Acceleration phase, and the final Scaling phase.

In the Discovery phase, we ride rugged mountain bikes built to survive the bumps and challenges of crossing unknown and dangerous terrain.

The Incubation phase calls for a hybrid bike. Trails and roads call for a bike that has broader functionality, similar to haw, to eliminate technical risk, an innovation in the Incubation phase is rapidly prototyped and piloted.

In the Acceleration phase, we innovate the business model to ensure commercial success. This requires a sleek aerodynamic framework: light and fast to allow you to quickly pass competitors.

The final phase is Scaling, where we apply Lean Six Sigma practices represented as a stationary bike, to scale the business and ensure profits.

Tension contains practical wisdom to guide leaders to move towards and embrace creative tension.

Ed Catmull

Co-founder, Pixar

Full of practical advice and wisdom for organizations wanting to drive innovation.

Naomi Fried, PhD

Vice President, Biogen

The Innovation Life Cycle can help companies and leaders leverage the tension that accompanies creativity and innovation.

Leslie Brunner

Senior Vice President, Athena Health

Tension clarifies the way to balance efficiency and innovation in an approach that is actionable.

John Geyer

Senior Vice President, MetLife

A must read for any startup or entrepreneur, but it’s a must read for everyone in business, especially those in industries undergoing significant change.

Dan Tasset

Founder and CEO, Nueterra

Tension is an important read for both entrepreneurs just starting their journey and leaders of established companies.

Neal Patterson

Co-founder and CEO, Cerner