Crack the Code

Problem Discovery Workshop

Does your organization foster mindful creativity that will enable great ideas to flourish, or is it stuck in an endless cycle of perfecting processes and incremental improvements? Does your organization struggle with wasted time, wasted money, or low employee satisfaction?

If these frustrations sound familiar, your organization is facing problems that, left unattended, can lead to stagnation and failure.

In this workshop, Dr. Wasden helps your organization diagnose important problems that require innovation to solve them. Discover why your business continues to operate under the status quo, and what prevents your business from keeping pace with the rate of change in your industry.

Length: Half or full-day workshop.

Designing an Innovative Organization

Realign your organization to fuel innovation

Today’s markets and industries are evolving and transforming at an incredibly rapid pace.” In that same paragraph change it to “its not just enough to improve—you must innovate in order to create your business of tomorrow.

Does your organization have a bias for innovative action? Or do you constantly encounter bureaucratic hurdles and roadblocks to forward motion? Does your Lean Six Sigma discipline stifle your innovation? To create your business of tomorrow you must learn how to build the structures that both exercise your lean operating discipline while at the same time enabling innovation to flourish.

Dr. Wasden’s Designing an Innovative Organization helps diagnose your organization’s innovation weaknesses and strengths, identifying causes and stripping away failing organizational structures. He helps design an innovation-focused organization.

The result? An organization that empowers your employees to build tomorrow’s business, while running the business of today.

Length: 3-month engagement