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Chris Wasden: Innovation Thought Leader & Internationally-Recognized Speaker

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Keynote topics:

Harnessing Tension to Transform into the Organization of Tomorrow

How ten leading innovations are creating tension that can spur innovation in your organization

In this rapid-fire session, Dr. Wasden shares his research on the ten most innovative technologies that threaten the existence of all organizations, and how you can harness the challenges of adapting to them in order to increase innovation and build a business of tomorrow.

Past participants describe this presentation as the catalyst their organization needed to jumpstart their creativity and emphasize the importance of innovation within their organizations.

Through rich case studies and real life examples, participants can begin to understand not only why they must accelerate their own creative efforts, but also how to follow Dr. Wasden’s innovation framework.

Key takeaways from this session include:

  • Why these leading innovations are causing tension that can only be resolved through innovation
  • How to harness the tensions through Wasden’s innovation framework
  • How leaders can plan for the future by implementing both Lean Six Sigma and Innovation practices

Pain and Failure: The Keys to Driving Innovation

How great organizations innovate by harnessing the power of failure

Tension is typically perceived as something negative, when in reality, it is the most powerful energy source in our lives. Tension ignites change and leads to our greatest achievements.

In this passionate keynote, Dr. Wasden challenges the audience to see failure and pain as the genesis of innovation. He explains how great innovators harness the tension created by these forces to build an organization where new ideas are fostered and creativity flourishes.

Based on his extensive research, Dr. Wasden reveals why organizations fail to empower their employees to solve problems creatively. He walks the audience through real-world examples of companies that struggled to find balance before finally succeeding in structuring their organizations in such a way that innovation could grow and thrive.

Key takeaways from this session include:

  • Why your organization is biased toward mindless work and how to fix it
  • Learn the four phases of the Innovation Lifecycle and how to use it to increase innovation within your organization
  • Discover how to empower your employees from day one to think creatively and how to adapt to innovation processes

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